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GIA - Gemological Institute of America
Established in 1931, the Gemological Institute of America is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. GIA exists to protect all purchasers of gemstones, by providing the education, laboratory services, research, and instruments needed to accurately and objectively determine gemstone quality.

AGS Laboratories
AGS Laboratories is among the best known and well respected diamond grading laboratories in the world. AGS Laboratories is respected by consumers, jewelry retailers, and diamond manufacturers alike for accuracy and consistency in every aspect of diamond grading including color, clarity, and carat weight.

AGL - American Gemological Laboratories
Founded in 1977, and located in the heart of New York’s gem and jewelry district, American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) is an international gemstone testing facility specializing in comprehensive colored gemstone analysis. AGL provides identification reports, detailed enhancement reports, country-of-origin or provenance reports, as well as complete colored stone analysis documents tailored to gems of unique importance.

Cultured Pearl Association of America

The Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc is a non profit group founded in 1957, comprised of the finest manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and suppliers of Cultured Pearls in the United State. Our intention is to "cultivate" awareness, interest, demand and successful marketability of Cultured Pearls for the retail community and the consumer level. Through promotion, education, public relations and unwavering commitment we aim to inspire an authentic passion for all Cultured Pearl varieties.

Stuller Inc.
Stuller Inc., is one of the world's largest distributors of loose diamonds and gemstones to jewelry professionals in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

American Gem Trade Association
The AGTA is recognized within the jewelry trade as the authoritative source on natural colored gemstones: "The voice of the natural colored gemstone, pearl and cultured pearl industries." The American Gem Trade Association is committed to educating consumers and jewelry professionals about colored gemstones and cultured pearls. As the Authority in Color, the AGTA is determined to offer the most effective, useful sales tools available as we strive to increase awareness of colored gemstones and cultured pearls.

IGA - International Colored Gemstone Association.
The International Colored Gemstone Association is a non-profit association to represent the international gemstone industry. Read all about the many varieties of gemstones, ancient lore,and be informed before your next purchase from Berkeleygems.
A gemstone is the naturally occurring crystalline form of a mineral, which is desirable for its beauty, valuable in its rarity and durable enough to be enjoyed for generations.
There are more than 40 popular gem varieties and many more rare collector gemstones. Although some gemstone varieties have been treasured since before history began and others were only discovered recently, they are all nature's gifts to us. Please enjoy surfing through IGA's Gem by Gem list of the worlds most fascinating gemstone varieties.
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